Centralized On-line Monitoring System - ME-84U Centralized On-line Monitoring System - ME-84U

The ME-84U Centralized On-line Monitoring System, with the use of waterproof and dustproof chassis and 19-inch standard chassis, can be used for the long-term monitoring of various physical quantities such as force, stress, vibration, acceleration, speed, temperature, current. By using Ethernet network communication technology, a large-scale testing system with over a thousand channels can be built to monitor large structures for 24 hours. ME-84U can record the operating parameters of the equipment, and will give an alarm in time in case of failure, and collect as much equipment fault information as possible, so as to provide reliable data for understanding accident phenomena, finding the cause of failure and analyzing the damage caused.

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  • Product Description
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  • Software
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 Adopts the design of infinite extension to meet the test needs of large structure and large number of measuring points

 Suitable for outdoor harsh environment with the requirements of lightning protection, anti-strong magnetic, vibration 

    resistance, waterproof, dustproof and so on

 DMA for real-time, high speed, stable data transmission

 Built-in DSP real-time processing system for on-site data processing

 Built-in electronic hard disk for storing the measuring data from all channels in real time. After 8 hours (4 hours) of 

    continuous storage, the data before 8 hours (4 hours) will be overwritten. In order to meet the requirements of data 

    storage speed, the maximum sampling rate is 25.6kHz/channel for simultaneous sampling of 32 channels, and 

    51.2kHz/channel for simultaneous sampling of 16 channels, and 128kHz/channel for simultaneous sampling of 32 


 Channel card grouping is supported, and users can set different sampling rate for each group of channels according to 

    the test needs

 System self-check function: the system (including sensor, collector and software) can be automatically detected at 

    startup, timing and any time required by the user

 The system communication has self-recovery ability after network disconnection, real-time display of network status 

    information, and the system has built-in watchdog protection, which can restore the working state before power outage

    and network interruption

Number of Input Channel4 channels/card, 16 card slots
Input SignalVoltage, IEPE, strain/stress, current and charge (Only one type of input signal per card)
Input Protection±15V (DC or AC peak value)
Gain1, 10, 100, 1000
System Accuracy<0.5% of F.S.
System Stability0.05%/h
Nonlinearity0.1% of F.S.
A/D Converter24-bit Σ-Δ
Dynamic Signal Measurement
     Max. Sampling Rate128kHz/channel
     Analog quadratic integral
     Primary Integral1Hz ~ 1kHz or 10Hz ~ 10kHz, Error < 3%
     Quadratic Integral1Hz ~ 100Hz or 10Hz ~ 1kHz, Error < 5%
Slow-changing Signal Measurement
     Max. Sampling Rate200Hz/channel
Storage16G (Default) / 32G
Power supply220VAC/50Hz or 18 ~ 36VDC

     Waterproof Chassis490×370×220mm
     19" 3U Chassis482×350×146mm
Environmental Conditions
     Operating Temperature- 10°C to 50°C
     Operating Humidity20 ~ 90%RH@40°C
     Storage Temperature- 40°C to 60°C
     Storage Humidity90% RH 24h@50°C
Frequency cycle range: 5Hz ~ 55Hz ~ 5Hz
Drive amplitude (peak): 0.19mm
Sweep frequency: ≤1Oct./min
Duration of resonant: 10min
Vibration direction: x, y, z
Ingress Protection
     Waterproof ChassisIP54
     Standard Chassis


Figure 1  Single System Block Diagram

Figure 2  Multi-system Block Diagram

DE-BPS Basic Platform Software

  • Running on XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 operating system

  • Parameters setting, Function control, Real-time/post-acquisition analysis, data browsing, cursor readouts, scaling curve, data management and simple processing, report generation, long-term continuous data recording, etc.

DE-MS Monitoring Software

  • Running on DE-BPS and XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 operating system

  • Based on B/S framework, the local LAN and Internet network equipment management functions are realized

  • The running status of on-site equipment can be remotely monitored and analyzed in real time

  • Include the function of user management, data storage, alarm, power outage self-recovery, time domain analysis, spectrum analysis and trend analysis

 ME-84U Host Chassis 

  • 16 card slots

  • Communicate with upper computer via Ethernet

  • Built-in 32G SSD

  • 220V AC power supply

  • Optional of 19" 3U standard chassis with IP50 rating and waterproof chassis with IP65 rating

 ME-84U DAQ Card 
  • 4 input channels

  • Optional input of voltage, IEPE, strain/stress, 4 ~ 20 mA current and charge

  • Up to 128kHz/channel sampling rate

  • Analog quadratic integral

  • DSP real-time signal processing system for analyzing the spectrum and envelope of input signal

 ME-84U Real-time Order Analysis Card

  • 1 Tacho input channel

  • Built-in DSP system for multi-channel order analysis, spectrum analysis and envelope analysis


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