Wireless Cable Force Test & Analysis System - WW-816D Wireless Cable Force Test & Analysis System - WW-816D

The WW-816D Wireless Cable Force Test & Analysis System, with use of independent distributed module structure, specially designed for the cable test of bridge structure. Expanded via wireless WiFi communication, the input signals of cable force of no more than 16 DAQ units can be measured and analyzed wirelessly by a single computer. WW-816D is widely used for the performance testing and analysis of various structure in a variety of fields such as civil engineering, bridge engineering, mechanical engineering.

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 Built-in high sensitive acceleration sensor, small and portable

 Up to 16 DAQ units can be extended for parallel sampling

 Wireless WiFi communication for up to 200m of communication distance (Visual)

 The software-selectable sampling rate up to 1kHz

 Powered by intelligent management rechargeable lithium battery pack, up to 8h of battery life (Fully charged)

 Support the function of automatic and manual search of cable's vibration base frequency or frequency difference

Support "One-button" visual parameter settings, and the working status of the channel can be displayed in real time 

    during parameter setting

Application Conditions:

     1. The fundamental frequency of the cable can be accurately mesured

     2. The stiffness of the cable must not be excessive

     3. The slenderness ratio of the cable must not be less than 10

     4. The fundamental frequency of the cable base is greater than 10 times the frequency of the cable

     In the process of cable force test, if the cable measured does not meet the above conditions, the measurement results will have a large deviation.

Number of Input Channel1 channle/DAQ unit, 16 DAQ units/computer
Input Range1g
Indication Error<2% of F.S.
A/D Converter16 bits
Freq. ResponseDC ~ 390Hz
Sampling Rate10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz
Communication ModeWiFi
Communication Distance200m (Viausl)
Power SupplyBuilt-in lithium battery, 3.7V DC, 3600mA, 8h of battery life (Fully charged)
WeightApprox. 260g 
Environmental Conditions
     Operating Temperature- 20°C to 60°C
     Operating Humidity5 ~ 90%RH@50°C
     Storage Temperature- 40°C to 70°C
     Storage Humidity90%RH48h@60°C

Frequency cycle range: 5Hz ~ 55Hz ~ 5Hz

Drive amplitude (peak): 0.19mm

Sweep frequency: ≤1Oct./min
Duration of resonant: 20min
Vibration direction: x, y, z

Figure 1  System Block Diagram Connected by Network Card

Figure 2  System Block Diagram Connected by Wireless AP

 DE-BPS Basic Platform Software

  • Running on XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 operating system

  • Parameters setting, Function control, Real-time/post-acquisition analysis, data browsing, cursor readouts, scaling curve, data management and simple processing, report generation, long-term continuous data recording, etc.

 AP01 Android Software App (Optional)

  • Mobile phone control and analysis

  • Parameter setting, sampling control, data management, etc.

  • Time domain & amplitude domain analysis

  • Frequency domain analysis based on FFT

  • Download APP software through the QR code on the collector

 WW-816D DAQ Unit
  • Wireless measurement through WiFi, communication distance up to 200 meters

  • Built-in high sensitivity acceleration sensor

  • Measurement range up to 1g

  • Software-selectable sampling rate up to 1kHz

  • Built-in lithium battery pack for up to 8 hours of battery life (Fully charged)


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