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black box data recorder RU-846
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▶ Rugged Data Acquisition                ▶ Waterproof               ▶ IP65                ▶ 32GB Storage                  ▶ -40~70℃                  ▶ GPS
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We aim to offer engineers comprehensive testing solutions, enhance manufacturing processes , and ultimately result in better products.
Dynatronic product
Dynatronic product

Portable Instruments

DE-864W portable dynamic signal analysis system, specially designed for automotive performance test. With rich channel types and interfaces, meet all kinds of sensor signal acquisition.
High-performance embedded computer, 9.7 inch HD touch screen and 128 GB hard disk, to achieve the perfect combination of multi-function and ultra-mobile.
High performance portable analyzer, 9.7" color touch screen and 128 GB storage
External GPS, to realize speed measurement, time calibration, latitude and longitude record, path graph
 Built-in CAN bus, support DBC file import, CAN data storage and analysis
A variety of panes: recorder, x-y recorder, color waterfall, dashboard, stick figure, digital table, video, 3D modal, GPS path


We are the data acquisition instruments and test solutions provider, aiming to address the testing needs of engineers across many different industries. These include, but are not limited to, the automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, and research industries.

Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.

Off-line monitoring on equipment like high precision numerical-controlled grinding machine and Large CNC precision machining center, to guarantee the processing...
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The test of National fire truck

National fire service need to do the test of a new batch fire trucks in XuZhou Construction Machinery Group, the main task is testing the fire truck crane static load and strain...
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The test of Fire truck ladder

Through parameter identification, to confirm ladder’s modal parameters, such as natural frequency, mode of vibration, damping ratio, modal mass, modal...
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The test of Train stability

CSR ZELC, adopting RE-846U and the specialized train- stationarity test software, to evaluate the stationarity under working status. 

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On-line monitoring of Expo Axis

Tongji University adopt ME-82U on-line monitoring system, to carry out the long-term on-line monitoring on Vibration, wind speed and wind pressure, ensure the ...
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The explosion test of Three Gorges Project

In 2006, when the massive Three Gorges Dam was completed, upstream cofferdam need carry out blasting. After blasting, the pouring water will produce...
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