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We are the data acquisition instruments and test solutions provider, aiming to address the testing needs of engineers across many different industries. These include, but are not limited to, the automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, and research industries.

Dynatronic provides one-stop solutions, by offering engineers with professional information and dedicated instruments, which can measure and analyze various physical qualities, such as pressure, force, acceleration, and more, as to help shape industry standards, and ultimately result in better products.

Core Competencies

Product Customization: We work together with our customers to construct testing systems that would best fit their needs. This includes combination and customization of existing testing equipment to create new solutions ready to meet any critical requirement at hand.

Anti-Interference Technology: Every instrument is equipped with the latest anti-interference technology to ensure precise results.

Technical Support & Service: Outstanding service to all of our customers is a pillar of our company culture.


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What we do

Dynatronic offers engineers comprehensive testing solutions that address their needs in both the hardware and software aspects of their test & measurement work. Dynatronic offers a wide variety of testing instruments and data acquisition (DAQ) systems for guaranteeing the reliability at every stage of the product life cycle – from design to end-of-line



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