The Performance Test of Wind Turbine Blade

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Blades are one of the important components of wind turbines that convert wind energy into mechanical energy. They are the basis for obtaining higher rotor power coefficient and economic benefits, and should be highly valued by wind power corporations.


German Lloyd’s Register Certificate Center tested the wind turbine blades produced by a company in Tianjin. GL adopted WZ-88S Wireless Static Strain Testing System to measure the stress change and frequency of the blades under various working conditions.


The data acquired by Dynatronic DAS has been approved by the German Lloyd’s Register Certificate Center. The measured data analysis shows that the tensile stress of each section of the blade changes like a sinusoidal curve during the rotation process. This change is caused by the combined effects of gravity and centrifugal force, which can make the blade to vibrate.


Therefore, it is necessary to avoid damage caused by the consistency of the natural frequency of the blade with the vibration frequency during designing and manufacturing.


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