Tianwen-1: Deep Space Exploration

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On July 23, the Long March 5 Series Launch Vehicle with the Tianwen-1 Mars probe was successfully launched, which became another important milestone in our country’s aerospace development.

Since 1960, there have been only 8 successful landings on Mars, making it one of the most difficult space missions in the world. If this mission is safely accomplished, China will become the first country to complete the three Mars exploration missions of “surround, land, and patrol” through a single launch.


Dynatronic has maintained close cooperation with the National Aerospace Research Institute for a long time, and has provided many professional and reliable test data acquisition and analysis systems for spacecraft structural mechanical performance test projects.

Dynatronic has always been to persevere in technological innovation, so that we are able to provide users with high-performance, high-reliability structural mechanics performance testing and farthest meet the ever-changing engineering test requirements. 


The successful launch of Tianwen-1 is the result of the joint efforts of all scientific researchers. Dynatronic feel honored and privileged to make a contribution to the national aviation research.


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