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Test of Fire Trucks

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Fire trucks are mobile firefighting technical equipment used for fire rescue and auxiliary firefighting. They are designed according to the needs of different rescue scenes battles and rescue objects, so that the fire tucks can be well driven by firefighters with various firefighting equipment or fire extinguishing agents.


Recently, National Fire Station tested a batch of newly developed elevating fire trucks, and mainly measured their booms’ static load strain value. The boom of the elevating fire truck is the key part which directly affects the maximum elevating height. Rocker arm is divided into two types, CDQ and CDZ. The performance of the boom determines the overall effect of fire trucks. 


Firstly, lay the boom flat, then select 24 measurement points on it, and stick 120Ω strain gauges. Secondly, connect the gauges to WW-844D Wireless Dynamic Strain Test & Analysis System, and place the boom in the initial state to collect the initial strain data. Thirdly, load the weight on the boom and collect the data in a steady state. At last, load the weight in sequence and get the data after each load, then analyze it.



With the emergence of high-rise buildings, the highly developed transportation and the continuous development of new fire extinguishing agents, the single type fire trucks are developing towards high-power, high-efficiency, multi-variety series trucks to meet the  development need of fire fighting technology. Dynatronic ADS is also constantly developing and innovating to obtain effective measurement data for the updating service objects.


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