Large-span Structural Safety Monitoring and Evaluation System

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The application of large-span spatial structures in China has entered a new thriving period. For spatial structures that involves major public safety, deeply analyzing health monitoring data to correctly assess the structure’s safety status to achieve disaster warning has become a critical piece of work in the field of large-span spatial structure.

Dynatronic online monitoring and analysis system adopts hardware platform architecture and software platform architecture, and supports flexible signals combination with standard Ethernet communication, NTP long-distance synchronization. Also it equips with B/S architecture PHM software platform and mobile APP, which can meet the needs of remote safety monitoring and health management on bridges, buildings, port machinery, large venues and other large-scale structures.


The plane size of a high-speed railway station building is 236m*418m. The natural vibration characteristics of station is an important factor that affecting its seismic performance. 


By operating online monitoring system, the engineers from Dynatronic can monitor the structural vibration of the station’s steel roof to obtain accurate dynamic data of the roof structure. The modal monitoring software is used to realize ODS and quick modal automatic analysis, and is also used to verify the modal theoretical calculation results such as vibration type, frequency, damping, etc., Then, Dynatronic online monitoring and analysis system can promptly alarm for abnormal conditions to achieve the operational safety monitoring of construction.



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