Gate test of Qianzhong, Guizhou reservoir

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Project name: Gate test of Qianzhong, Guizhou reservoir 

Brief introduction:Qianzhong water conservancy project is the first water diversion project that crosses region and long distance, the project is main for irrigation, urban water supply, together with taking power generation, county and township water supply, human and livestock drinking water and other comprehensive utilization into account. The dam project is located in the pingzhai river at the junction of six branches of the river. The dam is a concrete face rockfill dam with the max height of dam is 162.7 meters, the correction flood level is  1333.52 m, the designed flood level is  1331.83 m, the normal storage level is 1331 m, the death level is 1305 m ,it is a big reservoir with total storage capacity 10.89×108m3.

The hole size of the service gate of the flood discharge outlet of Qianzhong water conservancy project is 5.5m×6m, the design head is 74m, the total water pressure is 39685kN and its base floor height is 1260m. In this project, the hydraulic structure defect detection system of Dynatronic test was applied to measure the pressure and fluctuating pressure of the curved working gate. It can provide scientific basis for the rational operation of gate by obtaining the pressure and fluctuating pressure of the radial gate under different operating conditions.



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