One low-speed vibration test of one large low speed diesel engine

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Project name: One low-speed vibration test of one large low speed diesel engine

Brief introduction:The diesel engine size is 4m*3m*6m, and the measuring points are distributed in all parts of the diesel engine. There are 50 measuring points, and three directional acceleration sensors are installed at each measuring point. And the diesel engine work with a large disturbance at experiment site. It is necessary to take a large amount of 10m~15m signal line to complete all the test points when the routine test is set up. In addition, the synchronization and power supply problems of multiple sets should be considered.

Using DE-884U distributed acquisition equipment is perfect to solve the above problem, straight to place the device near the station, completing communication, power supply and synchronization, conductor configuration intelligence, record the EID and the location of measuring points via a cable can rapidly complete parameter settings and greatly reducing the period before wiring, sensor layout and equipment debugging time, At the same time, the equipment is supplied by POE, completely isolated and floating, and the problem of 50Hz interference is perfectly solved



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