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UCMP Elevator Test

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With the rapid development of China’s economy and technological progress, elevators have become more and more common with the increase of high-rise buildings. As a popular means of transportation, its safety issues have also received more attention because of people’s vital interests. However, elevator accidents are frequently reported in recent years. Elevator safety inspection is imminent.


UCMP is a protective measure in the situation of unintended car movement of the elevator. This measure can prevent passengers from being injured by uncontrolled movement when entering and leaving the elevator. Dynatronic DE-928U Dynamic Signal Acquisition System, coded displacement meter, piezoresistive acceleration sensor and other instruments are used to measure the speed and displacement of the car, the acceleration of the car floor and other parameters during the uncontrolled movement.


Overall, the UCMP elevator tests successfully obtain all the required data, which provides a guarantee for the overall performance of the elevator. The UCMP test has great social and economic value.


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