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Data acquisition system, better known as DAS involves a process through which raw data from the physical element is tracked, collected, analyzed and stored for use.  This system has become an integral part of research, development, production, quality control, and testing in an industry or a system that leverages on data to function.

Data acquisition system can function in different fields such as:

  • Industrial

  • Scientific

  • Medical

DAS could rightly be segmented into three basic components.  They include:

  • The sensors:

The sensors core function is to collect data from a physical system.  

  • The Circuitry System:

The circuitry system which has a core function of passing data to a computer.  

  • The Computer Hardware/Software:

The computer system is used in viewing and analyzing the data.

Therefore, it is pertinent that you consider the type of the three integrated systems, namely the sensor, the circuitry and the computer system you intend to use.  

This is to ensure that you do not spend much time in the nature of data you want to collect and analyze.  A real functional and flexible Data Acquisition System can help you save a lot of time and money.  That is where choices and expertise come to play.

If you are setting up a DAS, these are also the three factors to consider.   You should ensure good functionality of the sensors, signal strength and the kind of computer system you intend to use.

This is because time spent thinking about exactly which data you need to collect, and how you want to work with the data once it is collected, can save significant time and money for you.

With the help of sensors, you can measure virtually every physical system you want to. You can measure temperature, the intensity of things, gas pressure, water, and other fluid flow and of course, the force at which they flow.

Also, the signal processing is very important in a Data Acquisition System.  It is the hardware that passes the signal from the sensor to the computer systems.  A good signal hardware has to be strong enough to be able to amplify the smallest level of energy.  The amplifier deployed must have the capacity to filter and amplify signals neatly.

Computer Hardware and Software

Once you have a clean and amplified signal, the next place to begin your analysis is your computer. The data must be transferred into your computerized system for analysis. Most DAS system seamlessly leverages on Standard PC Hardware.  This gives you the opportunity to replace and re-feed your data in the event a component of the system fails to function.  But for the computer to understand your data, it must be converted to a digital format.  You do that by using parallel ports, USB, and other connectible.


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