Strain Gauge Market to Develop Rapidly by 2025

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Strain gauge indicators are small installation instruments for measuring alternating and continuous voltages.  Tension indicators. The voltage indicators permanently show the current voltage. These voltage indicators are used, for example, to control batteries or the mains voltage.

An example of the use of voltage indicators is the feeding of facilities in industry and measuring equipment in the field of research is a very important magnitude, with the indicators of tension in many cases it is essential to control this parameter using indicators tensile.

In addition, many process quantities are indicated in the form of voltage. The scalable voltage indicators can convert the voltage value to the respective measured quantity. Our voltage indicators can be used for different DAS applications. In addition to the voltage indicators for simple AC and DC voltage measurement, some models of voltage indicators also allow the measurement of current and temperature.

These voltage indicators show the result on the LED display. The PCE-N20 series of voltage indicators allows the measurement value to be indicated in different colors when the limit value is exceeded. The alarm contacts also allow certain measurements to be taken automatically when the limit value is exceeded. The parameterization in the voltage indicators is carried out through the program interface via an adapter, which converts the orders coming from the software to the voltage indicators.


Over the years, there have been many leading vendors of strain gauges in the market these industries have gone miles to make sure that no stone is left unturned as to the development of this device. Agisco, BCM SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES Bvba, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, FBGS International, FISO Technologies, Guangdong South China Sea Electronic, Measuring Technology, HBM Test and Measurement, Kyowa Electronic Instruments, Micron Optics, SCAIME, Opsens, OMEGA.

The development rate of the Strain Gauges industry including various opportunities and gaps is considered thorough analysis of micro markets especially considering the growth trends in each of the category. When studying the micro markets, the researchers also dig deep into their future prospect and contribution to the Strain Gauges industry.

They maintain a high focus on demand and supply, capacity of production, product performance and distribution channel across the country in the History Year (2013-2017), the base Year (2017) and possible chances of development in the forecast year (2025). These research find facts about the trends of innovation of strain gauges and also provides ideas for competitive development such as product launches, acquisition mergers and joint ventures for a better growth in the forecast year 2025.



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