Sky Rail Car Test of China Railway Engineering Group

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In order to provide data support for further improvement of track beams, Dynatronic engineers will test multiple data (the vertical deflection, lateral displacement, longitudinal displacement, pier top displacement, pier column inclination, static strain, dynamic displacement, dynamic strain, vibration acceleration and noise at the expansion joint position) of the track beam of the suspended monorail system. 


The Testing steps are shown as follows.

STEP 1 Install the sensors, and set a total of 32 strain measuring points( 7 points for laser displacement sensor, 4 points for tilt sensor, 6 points for acceleration sensors, and 3 points for three-way acceleration sensors).

STEP 2 After the sensors are installed, connect it to the instrument. Drive the sky rail car by using 5, 10, 15 three different speed gears to pass through the measuring points, then the value is measured.

STEP 3 Remove the sensor after testing.



The entire test was successfully completed, and the customers are satisfied with the results.


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