Chang'e 5 was Successfully Lauched with Dynatronic's Dream

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According to China National Space Administration, Chang’e 5 with the Long March 5 carrier rocket of the Lunar Exploration Project was successfully launched at 4:30 on November 24th. The rocket flew for about 2,200 seconds and smoothly send the probe into the lunar orbit. It indicates that China starts its first return journey for sampling extraterrestrial objects.


This is the first project for us to return to Earth without unmanned samples from an outer planet. It is also the first time that humans took samples from the moon in 44 years since 1976.

After assisting the 'Tianwen 1' last time, Dynatronic has participated in the complete ground experiment for the Chang'e 5 ascender and lander this time. By comparing the test data with the calculation theory, Dynatronic provides the accurate and effective data for the reliability design of the spacecraft.


Dynatronic has always been in line with the national strategy and has actively taken part in various national large-scale testing tasks. Moreover, the Launch Platform Health Monitoring System developed by our company that used in the Taiyuan and Jiuquan launch centers has successively entered the on-site installation stage.

Dynatronic will continue to support aerospace industry with practical actions and provide test guarantees for China space launch mission.


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