Master Controller Helps Optimize WWTP Aeration Systems

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WWTP for those who don’t know means, it simply means, it is an acronym for “Wastewater Treatment Plant”. It is the process used to convert wastewater into an effluent (an outflowing of water to a receiving body of water) which can be returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment or can be directly reused, now that we’ve taken that off the table. It is time to talk about the process of a plant optimization. They include:

-    Objective analysis and inventory

-    Understanding substance dynamics

-    Preparing draft concepts for optimization

-    Generating optimization concept

-    Planning and engineering

-    Realization

-    The verification of results and final report.

Anyways, those are the process involved in optimizing plants. But what we really want to talk about today is quite a different thing.

kaeser-controller (DAS)

The Optimization Potential for a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Though, one might say that there are no one-size-fits-all ways of optimizing a wastewater treatment plant. An important solution usually needs to b in form of a project and it should be developed on-site. There are some characteristics that usually render a completely new construction unnecessary.

In this article, we will be looking at a master controller that can help optimize Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration Systems.

The Kaeser Compressors’ Sigma Air Manager is a master control system that suits perfectly all production systems. This master control system can control over 16 blowers and can only turn them on when they are needed to meet the air demand. This is really important as it helps to improve the WWTP Aeration Systems stability. And it also helps in reducing the energy used coupled with equalizing the blower run time.

The Kaeser Compressors provides plant managers with status notification and messages which would help reduce the downtime. It uses the built-in Kaeser Connect features. WWTP staff can remotely watch the operating status, the maintenance schedule and the energy used. The Sigma Air Manager is compatible with the Kaeser’s rotary lobe and the rotary screw blower packages, these are designed specifically for wastewater service.

Issue of the front end of measurement systems in wastewater solved (Data Acquisition System)

Meanwhile a company in Australia known as Bestech Australia have solved the issue of the front end of the measurement systems in wastewater and the other industrial applications, they’ve also introduced a range of corrosion resistant pressure and the level sensors, coupled with wireless sensors and remote data acquisition systems that is meant to provide precise, reliable performance.




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