HHS Unveils Blockchain-powered Acquisition Assistance

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Studies reveal that the biggest trouble that is stopping blockchain from becoming an integral part of government processes is lack of knowledge and awareness. Actually, most of the government stakeholders are not able to understand how a distributed ledger works and due to lack of this information, they are not able to find out ways to utilize the processes in their jobs.

After visualizing this problem, Jose Arrieta and his team at the Department of Health and Human Services started working on this concept so that it can be made more useful to the people around the world. They are fixing meetings with numbers of acquisition officials in HHS and making efforts to learn how these jobs are actually completed. This knowledge can further help them to identify the benefits of blockchain to ensure long-term benefits. With this campaign, they were able to obtain faster results. In a recent meeting, Arrieta, the associate deputy assistant secretary of the department of health and human services revealed that his team is working fine on this project and they have already created a system for this. Note that, their team have spent most of the time on various human cantered interviews in the HHS. The project was completed in approximately 4 weeks, and the estimated price tag for it is observed to be less than $500,000.


You will be glad to know that this system provides real-time information about all essential terms and conditions along with pricing on 10 different purchase categories. Many microservices are also working to automate this development process as well as the marketing documents so that it can ensure more benefits to the departments. Professionals said that they are working on typical machine learning algorithms to powerup the analysis and the system are now capable enough to maintain the processes independently. They are now testing the performance of this system before actual deployment that will be done by the end of the fiscal year.

There is no doubt to say that blockchain system is completely decentralized and the HHS system developers these days are making efforts to make this ledger-based system a compliment over all the existing systems instead of creating a competition among the existing and growing technologies in this field. Once the entire acquisition lifecycle gets digitized, the system will naturally become more reliable while boosting engagement in the industries.




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