Hangzhou steam turbine blade dynamic test

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Project name: Hangzhou steam turbine blade dynamic test

Brief introduction:For new developed turbine blade, especially the damping brace and the form of convex belt structure, due to the torsional recovery angle between the blade and the blade, the whole ring damping structure is formed。In the work, it does not only bear the static load, such as centrifugal force, but also is affected by various complex changes, such as steam power. If the frequency of excitation force is in step with the natural frequency of the blade group, the resonance of the blade will be induced, and the vibration stress of the blade is greater. Therefore, it is necessary to master the dynamic characteristics of blades for new design blades. 

Due to the dynamic characteristics of the blades tested in the rotating working state, Users using our WW-844D wireless dynamic testing system to install WW-844D on the axis of rotation, rotation together with blade, and transmit the measured data to the computer display in real time through wireless transmission. The test is a complete success and the user get needed blade frequency. 



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