Data Acquisition Hardware Market Is Expected to Generate Huge Profits by 2027

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In a connected industrial environment evolving on the basis of advanced connectivity technologies, the accuracy and timeliness of input is highly crucial. While computerized systems have improved in terms of efficiency, they are only as efficient as the end sensors and the system collecting data from it. This is one of the primary reason for the demand of Data Acquisition Hardware among industries.

Data Acquisition Hardware is used to gather data from sensors deployed at varied end-points in a connected industrial system. Data Acquisition Hardware also plays a role in the analysis and transmission of data from a central control and monitoring system. Data Acquisition Hardware devices are used to measure a wide range of parameters such as Temperature, Sound & Vibration, Current, Voltage among others.

Data Acquisition Hardware Market: Drivers & Challenges

Industrial IoT is being adopted at a rapid pace in industries of all size and verticals. These connected Industrial systems are highly dependent on data inputs and their coverage. Enterprises adopting Industrial IoT are using Data Acquisition Hardware at multiple end points. The need of connecting disjoint sensors spread across the industry is driving the market. While, the industries are adopting Industrial IoT to streamline their workflow, small enterprises are also being selective in their deployments due to the cost involved in IoT deployments. Data Acquisition hardware are also contributing to a major part of the cost in IoT deployments. This is one of the major factor impeding the growth of Data Acquisition Hardware market.

Data Acquisition Hardware Market: Segmentation

Segmentation of Data Acquisition Hardware Market, By Component

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers):

Data Acquisition Hardware with built-in PLC tend to reduce complexities process of data collection and analysis by localizing some functions of the process via a embedded complier capable of basic programming.

Key Players in Data Acquisition Hardware Market

The major players in Data Acquisition Hardware market include National Instruments, Spectris PLC, Dycor Technologies Inc., ABB Ltd, Honeywell International, Inc., Siemens AG, Schneider Electric SA, Dewetron GmbH, Pacific Instruments, Inc., and Ametek Inc.

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