Application of Strain Gauge Measurement in concrete deformation measurement

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Cement concrete shrinkage deformation research has always been an important and difficult in the field, but the basic deformation measurement technology is always unsatisfactory, become the key factors which restrict the development of the research and application. The current commonly used Strain Gauge Measurement in China are the outside micrometer and the comparator of dial gauge and dial gauge of dial gauge. Than long instrument structure is basically the same, all over the world are adopting try body spherical head and measuring instrument concave point of contact, body is free to rotate, easily into the accidental factors in the process of measurement. These two kinds of measuring instruments have a strong dependence on the operator's proficiency in the use process, and the operation is tedious, the data is discrete and the processing is troublesome. There are also some measuring instruments such as resistance strain gauge, photoelectric measuring instrument, etc., the device is more complicated, the measurement cost is high, the reliability is poor (if the strain gauge is easy to fail), it is not widely used in the industry.


 strain gauge measurement system.pngThe displacement sensors are connected to the computer through a data collector, access to special software program, greatly expand the function of the strain gauge, can not only quickly and batch measurement specimen, but also has the following features:


(1) Automatic collection and calculation of data;

(2) Data can be saved and output in graphs, Excel forms or text;

(3) It can record information materials such as proportion;

(4) The graph data can be captured at random;

(5) It can edit and collect the working conditions according to the requirements of users, realize automatic continuous tracking measurement, and save and output data in graphs, Excel forms or text;

(6) The measuring instrument can be used in combination with the limiting expansion and contraction device, and the shrinkage stress of concrete can be measured.


The introduction of computer technology, not only expand the function of instrument, to realize the measurement data will, according to the need of research and make the operator thoroughly get rid of the past multifarious recording, calculating, sorting, and save your work data, greatly reduce the workload of the operator, efficiency improved several times.


After connecting Strain Gauge Measurement Equipment to the computer, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators, improve the work efficiency, and can be for continuous tracking measurement of specimen, is the development direction of cement concrete deformation measurement.


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