Ultra-dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System - DE-926U Ultra-dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System - DE-926U

DE-926U Ultra-dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System, with the frequency response of up to 1MHz and the transient sampling rate of up to 20MHz, specially designed for the accurate measurement of various physical quantities such as force, pressure, displacement, velocity and acceleration in impact experiment and blasting test. Expanded via Gigabit Ethernet switch, ultra-dynamic signals over 1,000 channels can be synchronously tested and analyzed by a single computer.

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 Compact modular design can be expanded for virtually any number of channels via Gigabit  Ethernet

 Data directly streams to the computer's had disk at 32MB/s over Gigabit Ethernet controlled by an advanced on-chip system

 Dedicated DSP real-time signal processing system per channel

 Independent 16-bit SAR A/D converter per channel with transient sample rates of up to 20MHz and continuous sampling rate of

    up to 1MHz.

 DMA for real-time, high speed, stable data transmission.

 Built-in bridge completion and Excitation

 Built-in 24V/4mA biasing circuit, support IEPE sensor.

 Built-in low-pass filter

 Suport EID and signal state indication

Number of Input Channel2 channles/card, 8/16 card slots
Input CouplingGND, Dif-DC, Sin-DC, AC, IEPE
Input Impedance8MΩ
Full-scale Voltage Value±0.02V, ±0.05V, ±0.1V, ±0.2V, ±0.5V, ±1.0V, ±2.0V, ±5.0V, ±10.0V
Indication Error≤0.5% of F.S.
Zero Drift<±3μV/2h
CMV<±10V (DC/AC peak value)@DC ~ 60Hz
Strain Measurement
     Full-scale Strain Value±1000με, ±10000με, ±100000με
     Indication Error≤0.5%±3με
Bridge Excitation
     Bridge ConfigurationFull, half, three-wire quarter bridge
     Bridge Completion Resistors120Ω/350Ω (Three-wire quarter bridge)
60Ω ~ 10000Ω (Half bridge / Full bridge)
     Bridge Voltage2V, 5V, 10V, 24V DC Within 0.1%
     CurrentMax. 50mA
     Cut-off Frequency (-3dB±1dB)1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, PASS
     Flatness<0.1dB Within 2/3 of cut-off frequency
     Stop-band Attenuation- 24dB/Oct.
CommunicationGigabit Ethernet
A/D Converter16-bit SAR
Freq. ResponseDC ~ 1MHz (+0.5dB ~ -3dB)
Continuous Sample rates16 channnels simultaneous inputs, up to 1MHz/channel
Transient sampling
     Sample Rates16 channnels simultaneous inputs, up to 20MHz/channel
     Cache Memory8M/channel
     Triggeringmanual trigger, external trigger, signal trigger and timing trigger
Power Supply100 ~ 240VAC  / 10 ~ 30VDC, 160W (16 channles) / 320W (32 channles)
     Semi-19" Chassis237×133×338mm
     19" Chassis482×133×338mm
     Semi-19" Chassis (16 channels)Approx. 8kg
     19" Chassis (32 channels)Approx. 14kg
Environmental Conditions
     Operating Temperature- 10°C to 50°C
     Operating Humidity20 ~ 90%RH@40°C
     Storage Temperature- 40°C to 60°C
     Storage Humidity90%RH24h@50°C
Frequency cycle range: 5Hz ~ 55Hz ~ 5Hz
Drive amplitude (peak): 0.19mm
Sweep frequency: ≤1Oct./min
Duration of resonant: 10min
Vibration direction: x, y, z

Figure 1  Single system block diagram

Figure 2  Multi-system block diagram

 DE-BPS Basic Platform Software

  • Running on XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 operating system

  • Parameters setting, Function control, Real-time/post-acquisition analysis, data browsing, cursor readouts, scaling curve, data management and simple processing, report generation, long-term continuous data recording, etc.

 DE-926U DAQ Card
  • 2 input channels

  • Support GND, Dif-DC, Sin-DC, AC, IEPE, three-wire 1/4 bridge, 1/2 bridge and full bridge Input

  • Full-scale voltage value from ±0.02V to ±10.0V

  • Full-scale strain value from ±1000με to ±100000με

  • Individual 16-bit SAR A/D converter per channel with transient sampling rate of up to 20MHz and continuous sampling rate of up to 1MHz

  • Frequency response range from DC to 1MHz

  • CMRR over 100 dB.

 DE-92U Semi-19" 3U Chassis
  • CPU based on on-chip system (SOC)

  • 8 card slots

  • Including control card, Gigabit Ethernet communication interface

  • 100 ~ 240VAC / 12VDC power supply

 DE-93U 19" 3U Chassis
  • CPU based on on-chip system (SOC)

  • 16 card slots

  • Including control card, Gigabit Ethernet communication interface

  • 100 ~ 240VAC / 12VDC  power supply

 DT5857-8 Charge Conditioner (Optional)
  • 1 input channel

  • Max. input charge: 105pC

  • Input Impedance: >1011Ω

  • Amplifier output sensitivity: 0.1mV/pC and 10mV/pC

  • Indication error: <1%

  • Noise: <10×10-3pC

  • Max. bandwidth: 0.3Hz ~ 1MHz (+0.5dB ~ -3dB)

  • Distortion: <0.5% (Within 30kHz)

 DT3811-8 Current Loop Conditioner (Optional)
  • 1 input channel

  • Suitable for 2-wire / 3-wire 4 ~ 20mA sensor

  • 24V DC power supply

 DT3814-8 Thermistor Conditioner (Optional)
  • 1 input channel

  • Suitable for Pt10, Pt100, Pt1000 sensors

  • Measuring temperature range from -200℃ to 850℃

  • Accuracy: 0.5%±0.5℃

  • Iout: 1mA±2μA

 TC-01 Tachometer / Counter Module (Optional)
  • Number of channel:2 input channels

  • Rotation rate measurement

        Range: 30 ~ 600000 rpm
        Accuracy: ˂0.05%±1r
        Input signal pulse width: ≥10μs

        PPR: 1 ~ 4096

  • Counter measurement

        Operating mode: support positive/reverse, pulse accumulative count, pulse count per unit time
        Reset mode: manual/atuomatic   

        Pulse count range: 0 ~ 100k/s

  • Power supply: 5VDC/50mA

 DT5944 Signal Source Output Card (Optional)
  • Number of Channel: 2 input channels

  • Voltage Range: ±10VP

  • Current: Max. 5mA

  • Frequency: 0.1 ~ 20kHz

  • D/A Resolution: 24 bits

  • Accuracy: 1% within 2kHz

  • Signal Type: constant frequency sine wave, sweep frequency sine wave, square wave, random, burst random

 DT5945 CAN Bus Card (Optional)
  • Number of channel:2 channels

  • Protocol: CAN2.0B

  • Baud rate: 4800bps ~ 1Mbps

  • Communication mode: duplex CAN bus for sending and receiving

  • Minimum sending interval: 1s

  • Support dbc file import

  • Supports standard and extended frame formats

 DT5946 RS485 Communication Card (Optional)
  • Number of channel: 2 channels

  • Baud rate: 1200bps ~ 115200bps

 DT5947 Digital I/O Card (Optional)
  • Number of channel: 8-Ch DI and 8-Ch DO

  • Digital input: Support Dry/Wet Contact

  • Digital output: Power Output (Ch1-Ch4) and TTL Output (Ch5-Ch8)

  • Power Output: Max. 24V/1A

 DT5611A Synchronization Box (Optional)
  • 8 inputs

  • Built-in synchronization clock distributor

  • Support multiple clock box cascade connection

  • 19" 1.5U chassis

 C-1 Cable
  • 1-core cable

  • Default 5m bare cable or 1.5 m cable with bridge box


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