Rugged Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System - RE-884U Rugged Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System - RE-884U

The RE-884U Rugged Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System, with compact structure, dustproof and anti-vibration, and maximum sampling frequency of 200kHz, is especially designed for data acquisition in various harsh environments, such as on-vehicle, airborne, and shipboard, etc. Expanded via a Gigabit Ethernet switch, the dynamic signals over 1000 channels can be measured and analyzed in parallel and synchronously by a single computer. RE-884U is widely used for the performance test and analysis of various structures in the field of national defense and military industry, aerospace, automobile industry.

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 8 channels per DAQ module with independent 24-bit A/D converter

 GPS/Beidou module is optional to collect the data of the real-time speed and the latitude and longitude synchronously

 Support TEDS sensors access

 Built-in 24V/4mA biasing circuit, low-pass filter, high pass filter and anti-aliasing filter

 Built-in Li-battery, 1h of battery life (80 channels, fully charged)

 Up to 100g impact resistance, IP65 environmental rating

Number of Input Channel8 ~ 80 channels 
Input CouplingGND, Sin-DC, AC, IEPE (ICP)
IEPE Power4mA/24V
Full-scale Voltage Value±0.1V, ±0.3V, ±1.0V, ±3.0V,   ±10.0V
Voltage Indication Error≤ 0.5%
Noise≤ 5μV 
     Filter TypeThird-order Butterworth filter
     Cut-off Frequency (-3dB±1dB)1kHz, 10kHz, 30kHz, PASS
     Stop-band Attenuation>-18dB/Oct.
     Flatness<0.1dB (Within 2/3 of cut-off   frequency)
     Cut-off Frequency (-3dB±1dB)0.5Hz, 5Hz
     Stop-band Attenuation>-6dB/Otc.
     Flatness<0.1dB (Above 10 times   cut-off frequency)
Anti-aliasing Filter
    Cut-off Frequency1/2.56 of sampling rate
    Stop-band Attenuation>-120dB/Oct
    Flatness±0.1dB (Within analysis   frequency range)
CommunicationGigabit Ethernet
A/D Converter24-bit Σ-Δ
Freq. ResponseDC~60kHz (+0.5db ~ -3dB) (30kHz   flatness)
Sampling Rate10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz,   500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz
Synchronization ModeSynchronous clock box or GPS
Power SupplyLithium battery/external 220V AC   / External 10~24V DC
Battery Life1h of battery life (Fully   charged and simultaneous sampling of 80 channels)
WeightApprox. 9.5kg
Environmental Conditions
     Operating Temperature- 20°C ~ 60°C
     Operating Humidity5 ~ 90%RH@50°C
     Storage Temperature- 40°C ~ 70°C
     Storage Humidity90%RH48h@60°C


Frequency Cycle Range: 5Hz ~ 55Hz ~ 5Hz
Drive Amplitude (Peak): 0.19mm
Sweep Frequency: ≤1Oct./min
Duration of Resonant: 20min
Vibration Direction: x, y, z
Ingress ProtectionIP65

 Figure 1  Single System block diagram

Figure 2  Multiple System Block Diagram

DE-BPS Basic Platform Software

  • Running on XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 operating system

  • Parameters setting, Function control, Real-time/post-acquisition analysis, data browsing, cursor readouts, scaling curve, data management and simple processing, report generation, long-term continuous data recording, etc.

 RE-884U Power / Control Module
  • Based on on-chip systems (SOC)

  • Communicate with computers via Gigabit Ethernet

  • Up to 128 channels with sampling rate of up to 51.2kHz / channel  can be controlled synchronously

  • Powered by built-in rechargeable lithium battery pack or 220 AC

 RE-884U DAQ Module
  • 8 channels

  • Support GND, DC, AC, IEPE input

  • Full-scale voltage value from ±0.1V to ±10.0V

  • Independent 24-bit A/D converter per channel with a sampling rate of up to 200kHz

  • Frequency response range from DC to 60kHz

  • Built-in 24V/4mA biasing circuit, low-pass filter, high-pass filter and anti-aliasing filter

  • Support TEDS sensors access

 Synchronous Clock Box (Optional)
  • 4 channels

  • Wired synchronous mode

  • Built-in synchronous clock distributor

  • Support the cascade function of multiple synchronous clock

 RE-884U GPS Module (Optional)
  • Used for wireless synchronization of multiple RE-884U instruments


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