Vibration Displacement Test and Modal Test of SSRF Base

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Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) is a third-generation medium-energy synchrotron radiation source with high performance. The project includes three major accelerators, a 150MeV electron linear accelerator, a full energy enhancer that can increase the electron beam energy from 150MeV to 3.5GeV in 0.5 seconds, and a 3.5GeV high performance electronic storage ring with a circumference of 432 meters.

In the circular device of electronic storage ring, the full energy injector provides the electron beam and accelerates it to the required energy. The beam travels in a closed-loop vacuum electron storage ring at a speed close to light, and emits synchrotron radiation when turning. The electronic storage ring is the main body and core of the synchrotron radiation light source, and it directly determines the performance of the radiation source. 


SSRF is by far China’s largest investment in major national science and technology infrastructure construction projects. In order to maintain the high stability of the beam flow, the vibration of the base of the light source track with a circumference of 432 meters needs to be controlled within 1 micrometer. The customers used Dynatronic DE-944 Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System and DT610 High-sensitivity vibration pickup to complete the soft ground micro-vibration test and the modal test of the mass storage ring base. Although the vibration signal is weak, Dynatronic analysis system collected absolutely reliable data, which provides strong support for successfully solving the weak vibration problems of highly stable buildings.


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