Vertical Missile Launch Instantaneous Overload Acceleration Test

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High-precision, high-precision weapons such as missiles and other spacecrafts, They must have good maneuverability. The better the missile's maneuverability, the higher the overall structural strength of the missile. The stronger the maneuvering overload capacity, the higher the structural performance requirements of the engine. Before the production use, some parameters must be tested experimentally, so as to ensure that it can be safely used in high-altitude overload conditions. Therefore, the performance of the aircraft should be tested under the effect of overload acceleration so that the missile will not fail during the maneuver.

China aerospace some unit collects Rugged Data Recording System-RE-846U to complete our one new type of vertical launching missile overload acceleration test, rocket impact acceleration and overload acceleration is in the process of mixing together, in order to make effective data in a pile of data, the acquisition equipment requirements is very high, especially overload acceleration sensor index requirements are higher.

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RE-846U Rugged Data Recording System for the car, the airborne, carrier, etc all kinds of bad environment data acquisition design, built-in industrial control computer and electronic drives, can be in strong vibration, high and low temperature and high humidity environment limit to complete the testing and monitoring work for a long time; Using wired network (LAN) or wireless network (Wifi) connection computer to collect, transmit, store, display and analyze data in real time; It can be separated from the computer and control the independent work with the wire controller, and the data is stored in the large electronic hard disk of the instrument in real time, and then the data recovery is analyzed and processed after connecting the computer.


The RE-846U & RE-886U offer rugged chassis designed to withstand extreme vibration, impact, and weather conditions. All three rugged data recorders are expandable using a simple Ethernet connection, while the RE-846U, RE-886U also feature WIFI communication ideal for remote or field testing.


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