Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Ground Vibration Testing

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  Ground Vibration Testing (GVT) of aircraft is typically performed very late in the development process.  Main purpose of the test is to obtain experimental vibration data of the whole aircraft structure for validating and improving its structural dynamic models.  Among other things, these models are used to predict the flutter behaviour and carefully plan the safety-critical in-flight tests. 



  Due to the limited availability of the aircraft for a GVT and the fact that multiple configurations need to be tested, an extreme time pressure exists to get the test results.


  Dynatronic provide a 300-channel Ground Vibration Testing system was successfully deployed during a demonstration test and certification test in a war industry institute. The new hardware and software solution is designed to cope with the main challenge of today’s GVT campaigns i.e. reduction of the testing and analysis time without compromising the accuracy of the results.  


  Highly efficient testing is made possible by the integration of complementary excitation techniques in a single software environment. Dynatronic modal analysis capabilities ensure that the test data are validated and the aircraft modal.


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