Test of explosion and fracture control of PetroChina pipeline.

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Project name: Test of explosion and fracture control of PetroChina pipeline.

Brief introductionOn December 30th, 2015, the first full size pipeline explosion and fracture control test in China was successfully carried out by Xinjiang hami organization and the test was the first explosion in Asia.

The test in terrible environmental conditions, the pipe burst instantly producing high temperature and high pressure, strong and high interference at the same time in low temperature environment,, parallel synchronization will be more than 600 channels, each channel 1 m huge amounts of data by real, complete and accurate collection and storage, long-distance transmission functions of the data acquisition system for the performance, reliability, and can support force major test of comprehensive strength.

All instruments in the test are made by Dynatronic ,which test on major infrastructure security in collaborative innovation center project of the structure defect detection equipment products, the success of this experiment give us a deeper understanding of  oil and gas pipeline rupture control and safety requirements, which is very important for us to set up a more secure and reliable oil and gas pipeline.

Test-of-explosion-and-fracture-control-of-PetroChina-pipeline.1 Test-of-explosion-and-fracture-control-of-PetroChina-pipeline.


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