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NVH Test

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For the car, NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) problems exist everywhere. The study of NVH characteristics is not only applicable to the entire vehicle development process. According to the source of the problem, it can be divided into three parts: Engine NVH, Body NVH, and Chassis NVH.


Obviously, NVH is a very important factor that can affect the customers’ purchases. Through the NVH test and analysis, the most influential factors (noise and vibration sources) that affect ride comfort can be found. As a result , it will help the testers to improve the vibration noise of excitation source or control the noise transmission to the car interior.


RE-846U Rugged Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System is designed for data collection in a variety of harsh environments. The whole body adopts a rugged fanless design, which can resist strong vibration and shock. Moreover, it is convenient for test engineers that the channels can meet the access and measurement requirements of various sensors.



RE-846U test solution provides a set of unique acoustic testing and analysis software and hardware solutions. Its application areas include basic acoustic analysis, acoustical power, pass-by noise test, sound source localization, sound vibration engineering, sound quality and sound brand engineering. By testing the noise and vibration experienced by the vehicle's vibration source, transmission channel and receiver, the engineers can perform targeted noise reduction and vibration treatment on the vehicle to improve the ride comfort.


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