L3 Taps AMETEK Unit for Aircraft Data Acquisition Systems

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L3 Technologies is a leading company in the supply of intelligence, command and control, avionics, communications, surveillance and reconnaissance, ocean products, training devices, aerospace, navigation products and much more. They provide these services to top security and intelligence agencies.


The company was created in 1997 and since that time has continuously expanded through mergers and acquisitions. They have become one of the top U.S government contractors.

L3 Aerospace Systems which is a division of the company provides innovative solutions for the global intelligence and reconnaissance market. L3 Aerospace systems also provide logistics support, maintenance, sustenance and upgrade for various aircraft. Quite recently L3 Aerospace systems decided to undertake an upgrade program for the RC-135 aircraft. This led them to select the AMETEK MEDC for the upgrade.


AMETEK Power and Data Systems (PDS) is a supplier of components and systems for data acquisition, motion control, cockpit instruments, power generation and distribution for the aerospace and defence industry. The company also based in the U.S is known for its quality service and engineering solutions. AMETEK PDS has been in the industry for about 90 years and is a legacy supplier of these quality components. Their clients choose them out of proven and established trust for their services. They are famous for one-off programs, as their expertise guarantees less failed trails.


The AMETEK Multi-engine data concentrator (MEDC) is a high development data acquisition system for digital or analogue processing applications. With the AMETEK MEDC, large amounts of data can be processed. The system can be set up as a single or dual channel unit.


AMETEK MEDC, also adopted by Dynatronic, is a ready-made design by AMETEK PDS and is tested and trusted to produce outstanding results. The design is currently flying on the KC-135 aircraft.


L3 Technologies selected AMETEK PDS for their knowledge and experience in the aircraft industry. As far as 90 years ago AMETEK PDS has provided indicators for cockpits. Therefore they are a unique choice as they present a most risk-free solution for aircraft interfaces. The company is known to get it right the first time on most programs hence reducing cost and time spent on upgrades and other solutions.


L3 Technologies look to upgrade legacy RC-135 aircraft with verified cost-effective avionics and systems. The upgrade for the RC-135 avionics system addresses a few concerns such as diminishing manufacturing sources, legacy equipment, and lower life-cycle costs. With L3 using AMETEK's unit for aircraft data acquisition systems, the retrofit program is determined to be a one-off success.   


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