Beijing-shenyang line construction: the impact of blasting on the surrounding environment.

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Project name: Beijing-shenyang line constructionthe impact of blasting on the surrounding environment.

Brief introductionsome complicated terrain area, often need to be blasting during the high-speed-line construction process, and inevitably there are areas or cultural relics around, which is necessarily need to evaluate the influence of blasting on the surrounding environment, while guarantee construction progress without delay, or damage to surrounding buildings.


Users use DE-884U network dynamic signal test and analysis system with distributed DH610 magnetoelectric speed sensor to monitor vibration situation of ancient architecture protection area during blasting, providing data support for the expert to assess the scene.

Beijing-shenyang-line-construction:the-impact-of-blasting-on-the-surrounding-environment1 Beijing-shenyang-line-construction:the-impact-of-blasting-on-the-surrounding-environment2 Beijing-shenyang-line-construction:the-impact-of-blasting-on-the-surrounding-environment3


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