Beijing subway corrugation test

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Project name: Beijing subway corrugation test

Brief introduction:The waved abrasion of the rail (referred to as rail corrugation) is a manifestation of rail damage. At present, cities that have opened urban rail transit in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Nanjing, have all experienced rail corrugation in varying degrees. The generation of rail corrugation aggravates the wheel-rail dynamics, accelerates the damage of the bogies and track components of vehicles, and increases the maintenance costs of the public works department. The high-frequency vibration of the train caused by rail waved abrasion reduces the comfort of the train and may even endanger the safety of the train in severe cases. In addition, the whistling sounds when passing trains on worn rails have become one of the main sources of rail traffic noise. The Beijing subway experiment requires that when the train passes the test road section, the test system will be automatically started and the three parameters of vibration, displacement and strain shall be measured simultaneously. According to this requirement, the DE-944 dynamic test system was used to complete the testing tasks for three sections of the subway and hundreds of parameters, providing a large number of effective experimental data for the study of rail grinding.  



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