Automobile Wind Tunnel Test

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When the car speed reaches 110 kilometers per hour or more, the wind resistance accounts for 70% of the total driving resistance, which means that most of the fuel is consumed to overcome the wind resistance. At the same time, wind noise will increase significantly, surpassing engine noise and road noise as the main noise sources, so as to affect the passenger comfort. Therefore, the main purpose of the Automobile Wind Tunnel Test is to optimize the shape design of the car, reduce the noise and wind resistance, and to improve driving safety as well.


In order to obtain the test results, it is necessary to use dynamic data acquisition instrument to accurately collect the signals through each sensor. Then, analyze the data to figure out the final accurate results. Due to the particularity of the Wind Tunnel System, high requirements are placed on the performance of the testing instrument, mainly in the abilities of anti-interference and high accuracy.




Dynatronic recommend the testers to use DE-918 Isolated Dynamic Signal Test and Analysis System which adopts advanced isolation technology and multi-layer shielding to effectively suppress radiated and conducted interference. As a result, its perfect comprehensive index is able to ensure the accurate measurement of signals under high radiation and strong interference conditions.


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