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This product has been off the shelf!
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Online Condition Monitoring Systems-ME-91U(old)

  • ME-91U
  • Dynatronic

The ME condition monitoring systems are designed specifically for monitoring of critical equipment, providing crucial data including vibration, stress-strain, temperature, pressure, wind, speed, and more. This data can help foresee malfunctions or breakdowns, understanding the underlying phenomenon and analyzing causes and resulting damages.

Product Features

• ME-91S / ME-91D, with standard 4U chassis, provide centralized structure suited for standard cabinet mounting.

• Expandable design fitting for large structures.

• Able to monitor work-site conditions, such as magnetic forces, lightning strikes, vibration, water, and dust.

• Built-in DSP real-time processing system

• Able to provide timely warning and collect real-time data on all fault-related information.

• Capable of Ethernet (cable, fiber optic, etc.) or wireless (WIFI, 3G, 4G) communication.

• Automatic  error reporting.

Technical Specifications

ChannelsUp to   32Up to   32 for dynamic signal; Up t o 128 for slow-changing signal
Sampling rate200Hz51.2kHz
Strain meas.BridgeFull,   half, three-wire quarter bridge-
completion(120Ω   or 350Ω per customer request)-
Bridge voltage±1V,   ±2.5V, ±5V-
Balance range±20000με-
Strain range±1000με~±10000με-
Freq. responseDC~36Hz-
Voltage meas.IEPE   excitation24V/4mA
Range±500mV,   ±5V±30mV~±30V
Freq. response0.1~78(Hz)10~10k(Hz)
Low pass filter10~2k(Hz)
Temp. meas.SensorPt10,   Pt100, Pt1000four-wire   Pt
Temp. range-50C~150C-100℃~800
Current source1mA±2μA1mA±2μA
Electric current moduleWiringtwo   wire/three-wire connection-
Power supply24V5V
SensorSupply   voltage12V-
Linearity (FS)0.05%
Size (mm)450×310×177400× 500×210
Ingress protectionIP50-
Power supplyAC100-240V/DC18-36V220VAC/50Hz

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