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Cable Force Measurement-WW-816D

Specifically designed for cable force measurement.

  • WW-816D
  • Dynatronic

Specifically designed for cable force measurement.

Product Description

• WIFI communication - up to 200 meters

• Built-in high sensitivity acceleration sensor

• Accurately measure up to 1g of range

• Simultaneous sampling up to 16 units per computer

• High capacity Lithium batteries allowing for up to 8 hours of continuous work

Technical Data

ModelWW-844DWZ-88SWW-816D WW-826D
Channels4   Stress & Strain8   Stress & Strain1   IEPE2   IEPE
Bridge   voltage2V,   5V2V-
Strain   measurement±30000με,   ±3000με±20000με-
Voltage   measurement±5V,   ±30mV, ±3mV±20mV±5000mV-
Linearity   (FS)±0.1%--
Freq.   responseDC~2kHz-0.1Hz30Hz
A/D   converters24-bit   Σ-Δ16bit16bit16bitΣ-Δ
Sampling   rateUp   to 10kHz1Hz2Hz,   5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz
Anti- aliasingCut-off   freq.1/2.56   of sampling rate-1/2.56   of sampling rate
Stop-band attenuation-80dB/oct--80dB/oct
Automatic   balance range±10000με±15000με - -
Communication  distanceUp   to 200 meters line-of-sight500   meters200   meters
Working   time7   hours8   hours8   hours10   hours
Built-in   cache4GB8MB--
Size (mm)135×85×55171×105×30145×86×75
(without antenna)

Weight   (g)499   (without antenna)600   (without antenna)2.6 kg   (Including battery)

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