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Dynatronic testing and analysis products are widely used in different industries, automotive, transportation, medical and so on, especially in Aerospace, we have developed several typical project cases, please look at related and some specific applications below.

Power & Energy

  • Wujiang electric reactor destruction test

    Project name: Wujiang electric reactor destruction testBrief introduction:The required vibration acceleration of the reactor is less than 0.075g, if exceeding the valve, they need to terminate the experiment in time. Because of the special on-site environment, there are serious electromagnetic inter

  • Jiangxi Shitan substation online monitoring

    Project name: Jiangxi Shitan substation online monitoringBrief introduction:The Shitan 220KV substation in Jiangxi province monitors the vibration of three-phase shells as well as the voltage and current, and comprehensively judges the operation status of the transformer through the vibration, volta

  • Fan blade performance test

    Brief introduction:The German Lloyd's Register (GL) certification center certified the blades produced by Tianjin Mingyang Company and measured the stress variation and frequency of the blades under various working conditions. The unit completed the test by using SE-860.

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