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Industry News

  • 10-18-2018

    Strain gauge indicators are small installation instruments for measuring alternating and continuous voltages. Tension indicators. The voltage indicators permanently show the current voltage. These voltage indicators are used, for example, to control batteries or the mains voltage.

  • 10-11-2018

    The Global Resistance Strain Gauge market Analysis is a report provided by analysts. The report contains a comprehensive analysis of restraints, drivers, and how it affects the growth of the Resistance Strain Gauge market.

  • 09-26-2018

    Typically, data acquisition samples real-world physical condition signals and converts them into digital values for computer manipulations. Also, the data acquisition system measure electrical and physical current, voltage, light intensity, temperature, pressure or sound using a computer.

  • 09-18-2018

    Studies reveal that the biggest trouble that is stopping blockchain from becoming an integral part of government processes is lack of knowledge and awareness. Actually, most of the government stakeholders are not able to understand how a distributed ledger works and due to lack of this information.

  • 09-04-2018

    Fairfield Geotechnologies designs, manufactures and also sells ZNodal seismic recording systems to the clients that are in the energy sector. The company likewise offer cable free acquisition systems and seismic nodes.

  • 08-14-2018

    The Data Acquisition Systems are often called as-as DAS or DAQ systems that help to track or measure some physical system and convert data into a format that can be easily manipulated by computers. The first DAS in the world was designed by IBM in year 1960s, and they were a large assemblage of hardware and computers.

  • 08-06-2018

    If you are familiar with the existence of the global supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) market, you might be familiar with its consolidated and amalgamated nature, which involves a number of participants to assume their control across the market.

  • 03-23-2018

    High-precision, high-precision weapons such as missiles and other spacecrafts, They must have good maneuverability. The better the missile's maneuverability, the higher the overall structural strength of the missile. The stronger the maneuvering overload capacity, the higher the structural performance requirements of the engine. Before the production use, some parameters must be tested experimentally, so as to ensure that it can be safely used in high-altitude overload conditions. Therefore, the performance of the aircraft should be tested under the effect of overload acceleration so that the missile will not fail during the maneuver.

  • 03-22-2018

    Sun Valley of Expo Axis applies free-form design idea, which is reticulated shell structure with bolt connection joint.The expo axis is the main entrance and main shaft line of Shanghai world expo 2010 in China, with two floors above ground and half open architecture. The expo axis is one of the five permanent buildings of the expo. It is a large commercial and transportation complex integrating business, catering, entertainment and exhibition services.

  • 03-20-2018

    Cement concrete shrinkage deformation research has always been an important and difficult in the field, but the basic deformation measurement technology is always unsatisfactory, become the key factors which restrict the development of the research and application. The current commonly used Strain Gauge Measurement in China are the outside micrometer and the comparator of dial gauge and dial gauge of dial gauge.

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