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Distributed On-line Monitoring System - ME-82U

The ME-82U Distributed Online Monitoring System, with reliable communication, long transmission distance, high test accuracy, low noise, small drift, strong environmental adaptability and high maintainability, is specially designed for engineering testing field for long-term online monitoring. ME-82U is widely used for the condition monitoring of port machinery, bridge construction, rail transit, etc. from construction to operation. ME-82U can complete a series of monitoring tasks of physical quantities such as strain, stress, displacement, temperature and vibration in harsh environments such as frequent thunderstorms, electromagnetic radiation and large temperature difference.

  • ME-82U
  • Dynatronic

 Various types of collectors can be combined freely to measure the physical quantities of strain, vibration, temperature 

    and so on

 By Communicating with the computer via 100M Ethernet, the multi-channel signal can be recorded for a long time, in real 

    time and without interruption

 The system adopts advanced isolation technology and reasonable grounding, has a strong anti-interference ability, 

    and is suitable for the test of various engineering occasions

 The maximum sampling rate is up to 200Hz/channel for simultaneous sampling of all channels

Sampling Rate10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz
Frequency Response (+0.5dB~-3dB)DC ~ 30Hz (20Hz flatness)
A/D   Converter24 bits
System Uncertainty<0.5% of F.S.
     Number of communication port2
     Multi-controller Sync. ModeSync. Cable

     Communication with the Meauring Unit

     Output Voltage36V DC
      Power supply220V AC, 50Hz
Strain Measurement
     Bridge Completion Resistors120Ω
     Bridge Voltage2V
     Bridge ConfigurationFull, half, three-wire quarter bridge
     Input modeDif-DC, GND
     Power Consumption<2W
     Full-scale Value±1000με
     Noise (Peak-to-Peak)<1με
     Zero Drift3με/8h
Current Measurement
    Connection ModesThree-wire or two-wire
    Input Current Range4 ~ 20mA
    Power Supply24V
Temperature Measurement
    Input Temperature Range- 50°C ~ 150°C
    constant current source1mA±2μA
    Connection ModesFour-wire
Bridge Sensor Acquisition Unit
    Measurement typeBridge Sensor
     Bridge Voltage10V
     Bridge ConfigurationFull bridge or half bridge
     Input modeDif-DC, GND
     Full-scale Value±50mV
Vibration Measurement
     Full-scale Values6mm/s, 600mm/s
     Measuring DirectionUniaxial, biaxial, triaxial
     Signal Frequency Response0.13Hz ~ 39Hz (-3dB ~ +1dB)
Environmental Conditions
     Operating Temperature- 30°C to 70°C
     Operating Humidity 20 ~ 90%RH@40°C
     Storage Temperature- 40°C to 70°C
    Storage Temperature90%RH24h@50°C
     VibrationFrequency cycle range: 5Hz ~ 55Hz ~ 5Hz
Drive amplitude (peak): 0.19mm
Sweep frequency: ≤1Oct./min
Duration of resonant: 10min
Vibration direction: x, y, z

ME-82U 连接示意图

Figure 1  Connection Diagram of Distributed On-line Monitoring System

ME-82U 扩展连接示意图

Figure 2  Extended Connection Diagram of Distributed On-line Monitoring System

DE-BPS Basic Platform Software

  • Running on XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 operating system

  • Parameters setting, Function control, Real-time/post-acquisition analysis, data browsing, cursor readouts, scaling curve, data management and simple processing, report generation, long-term continuous data recording, etc.

DE-MS Monitoring Software

  • Running on DE-BPS and XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 operating system

  • Based on B/S framework, the local LAN and Internet network equipment management functions are realized

  • The running status of on-site equipment can be remotely monitored and analyzed in real time

  • Include the function of user management, data storage, alarm, power outage self-recovery, time domain analysis, spectrum analysis and trend analysis

DE-SMS Structural Modal Calculation & Identification Software

  • The software module is capable of automatically identificating modal parameters and automatically calculating modal results, realizing the "one-key setting" operation and the function of online modal, and is suitable for large-scale engineering structures


 ME-82U Controller
  • Optional of cast aluminium chassis (Suitable for on-site installation, waterproof, dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, IP65) and 361 stainless steel chassis (Suitable for port, dock and other on-site installation, waterproof, dustproof, salt proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, IP65)

  • Communicate with computer via Ethernet

  • Communicate with DAQ unit via RS485  

  • 2 communication output ports, up to 8 DAQ units in series supported by each port

  • The maximum distance between DAQ units up to 200m, and the distance between the farthest DAQ unit and the controller up to 1000m

  • Multiple controllers can be extended via switch

 ME-82U-1 DAQ Unit
  • Optional of cast aluminium chassis (Suitable for on-site installation, waterproof, dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, IP65) and 361 stainless steel chassis (Suitable for port, dock and other on-site installation, waterproof, dustproof, salt proof, anti-electromagnetic interference, IP65)

  • 4 input channels

  • Independent 24-bit A/D converter per channel with software-selectable sampling rate of up to 100Hz

  • Optional of strain measurement unit, vibration measurement (bridge sensor) unit, current measurement unit, platinum resistance temperature measurement unit

  • Analog quadratic integral

ME-82U(DH5971)-Strain Measuring Unit-1
ME-82U-2 DAQ Unit
  • Waterproof, dustproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, cast aluminium chassis, IP65 rating, suitable for on-site installation

  • 1~3 high sensitivity and low frequency velocity sensors (0.1Hz ~ 100Hz) can be mounted inside, and horizontal and vertical directions are optional

  • Full-scale values are 600mm/s and 6mm/s, and corresponding signal frequency range is 0.13Hz ~ 39Hz (-3dB ~ +1dB)

  • The sampling rates are 10Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz and 100Hz, and when 3 sensors are built in, the sampling rate is 50Hz

ME-82U(DH5971)-Vibration Measuring Unit-1
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