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Company News

  • 02-14-2019

    A load test of the Xingkangte Bridge had been finished in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China. The Xingkang Bridge is Spanning 1,100 meters, the bridge is at least 239 meters above the Luding River.A load test of the newly constructed Xingkang Bridge was completed by the ins

  • 12-14-2018

    We are pleased to announce that TME Systems has joined Dyatronic as distributor of Singapore market. TME Systems is a premier high-tech solutions and services provider which specialises in marketing, distribution, application and servicing of a broad based high technology products. Our specialized

  • 06-21-2018

    During that Exhibition we met lots of friends and spent pleasant time together. Dynatronic provides one-stop solutions, offers engineers comprehensive testing solutions that address their needs in both the hardware and software aspects of their test & measurement work. These include, but are not li

  • 06-21-2018

    The sponsor—ETS Solutions Europe GmbH also provided their hospitality. Including the place, food and the other service.

  • 04-09-2018

    Our company utilizes dynamic signal test and analysis system, pull-wire displacement sensor and pressure sensor to give full play to Dynatronic-tech's advantage of being able to perform telemetry remotely through network communication to avoid personnel approaching dangerous test sites. After 39 hours of continuous monitoring, it is of practical significance. The data, real-time observation of pressure changes in the pigging process, and timely measures to ensure the safe and smooth completion of pigging. The entire process, long time, and complex environmental changes, the dynatronic-tech dynamic test system is in good working condition, and the collected data is real and reliable, which has been recognized by the China Petroleum Pipe Institute.

  • 04-03-2018

    Dynatronic-tech dynamic signal test and analysis system, is designed for strength and life assessment test, especially for large-scale structure system. Capable of accurate measurement of of highly dynamic signals, Utilize USB3.0, DMA way to communicate with computer, real-time control, acquisition, storage, analysis.

  • 03-27-2018

    Modern large aircraft mainly have three power supply systems: Electric Energy, Pneumatic, hydraulic Hydraulics. The energy of the hydraulic system mainly comes from the drive shaft driven by the engine through the gearbox to drive the pump and increase the pressure inside the fluid. When an emergenc

  • 02-09-2018

    In a connected industrial environment evolving on the basis of advanced connectivity technologies, the accuracy and timeliness of input is highly crucial. While computerized systems have improved in terms of efficiency, they are only as efficient as the end sensors and the system collecting data from it. This is one of the primary reason for the demand of Data Acquisition Hardware among industries.

  • 11-20-2017

    We are here- Testing & Control U.S 2017

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